Every single online business owner should build an email list. If you’ve been determined to create a digital business, you’ve heard all the gurus saying “the money is in your email list”.

And they are 100% right. The money is indeed in your email list.

When I first started a blog and started to write (seriously) with the intention to turn my blog into a profitable online business, I completely ignored the advice to start an email list.

I was busy doing all the other things I’d heard were more important to building an online business that actually makes money.

I wanted to build an awesome website, focus on my SEO strategy and create digital products. I knew I would eventually get to my email list, but it wasn’t top on my list of priorities.

Email List Subscribe BoxHow wrong I was!

I waited about year and then eventually slapped on a “subscribe for latest updates” prompt that I hid somewhere on my blog… you know, so I wasn’t too ‘in your face’ about building an email list.

I would soon realize that people would actually value being on your email list, but I was too early in my online business journey to understand that at the time.

Anyway, I patted myself on the back and waited for my email list to explode with new sign-ups…

Instead I heard crickets.

If I was lucky, I’d get one or two sign-ups a week.

I wondered if email just didn’t resonate with my ideal customer avatar and almost decided not to invest my time to build an email list.

I would later find out that the idea that email doesn’t resonate with a specific audience is a crock of you-know-what because email works for every audience. In fact, 72% of people prefer communication with companies to happen through email. (MarketingSherpa).

Just look at what most people use their phone to do:

Email marketing and mobile email use

I decided to give my email list one more chance

This time though, I was going to get serious, which meant that I created a freebie that converted my website visitors to become members of my email list. I also had a clear plan on promoting that freebie and most importantly, I decided to use an email service provider that was right for my needs.

Before I knew it, the 2-3 weekly subscribers I was getting turned into 5 per day and then 10 per day… you get the idea.

Most importantly though (after all, I was trying to build an online business that actually makes money), I saw a increase in my sales when I started using my email list as a sales funnel for my digital products.

We’ll dive deeper into how to use an email list as a sales funnel, let’s focus on this for now:

Why is an email list so important for an online business?

There are countless reasons an email list is the backbone of a successful online business, but for now let’s focus on the top three reasons:

1. It’s Yours. You Own Your list

Here’s the thing about relying on Google for website visitors, which you’re hoping will ultimately turn into customers – it can change in a heartbeat. In fact, it often does.

Without getting too technical, Google changes their algorithm pretty often and without notice. So you can see your website visitors plummet overnight.


This is also the case for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You could work your ass off trying to build your audience and if something happens with that platform, they’re all gone. Forever.

You have absolutely no control.

With your email list however, it’s yours. Whether your website or social media profiles go kaput, that baby is all yours.

2. It helps Build Trust

Here’s the thing about running an online business – people have to trust you in order to buy anything from you. Unless you have a brand identity like Amazon, buying online isn’t an easy decision for most people.

An email list helps you build a relationship with your audience. It shows them realize that you’re legit and not trying to scam them.

It also warms up your audience. They’re being exposed to the value you offer them and most will appreciate it. So when you get to the point of selling anything, they have already considered you a voice that offers valuable content.

3. An Email List is An Awesome Sales Tool

You know what’s better than Facebook and Instagram ads? Promoting something to your email list directly. Your audience is already engaged, they know you and it’s free!

Of course you don’t want to sell right off the bat. Some blogger will tell you that your audience is ready, but I’ve seen that proving yourself to them first is more successful.

Once you start your email sales funnel and send regular emails (that actually get opened), you’ll see an (almost) instant increase in your sales. I did!

build an email list

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Here’s My Suggestion – Start Building Your Email List on Day One:

If you want to have a truly profitable online business, focus on building an email list from day one. Don’t worry about getting it all perfect. You’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge fan of fixing things as you go along.

Want a little boost with building your email list?

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